Alicethenics DVD Video

Be Fit with Alice

Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.

For many women, this would be a huge ending. Alice took it as a beginning, and took her knowledge of physiology, kinesiology and exercise science and combined it with her own personal recovery experience to produce a fitness video for other women recuperating from breast cancer surgery.

Alicethenics: Exercises To Increase Freedom Of Movement After Breast Surgery was released in fall 2000, and has been very well received. The beautiful outdoor settings and soothing, tranquil music, along with Alice’s gentle encouragement, combined to make this video a must have for women in recovery. It can also be successfully used for women undergoing cosmetic breast surgery.

One of the most unique features of the video is that it reaches out to women on physiological, psychological and emotional levels. The fact that Alice herself is a breast cancer survivor makes her a sympathetic role model for the hundreds of women who have purchased this video.