Be Fit Services


At Be Fit with Alice we begin with an assessment of each client’s needs, expectations and physical background. We then create a fitness program customized for you—a program with the proper balance of intensity and recovery so that you can make steady progress toward your goals.

If you prefer to exercise at home, we can design a space for you that gracefully accommodates the equipment and floor space you require. Many clients will not need any modifications to their homes to begin a successful program.

Many clients are seeking individual guidance on their fitness routine each week, or even several times each week. We are available to provide personal training at an appropriate frequency to meet your needs.

Cardio Stretch
Core Fusion Strengthen and Tone
Posture, Balance, Breathing Pilates, Yoga, Ballet Barre, and Nia Techniques
Bousou Ball, Bands, Free Weights Exercises post breast surgery to stretch & strengthen

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