About Alice

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer IFPA
Certified Functional Senior Fitness IFPA
Certified  Brain+Body Total Fitness Program / BrainSavers

Alice Saland became active in the corporate fitness industry in the early 80’s. Then a certified aerobic instructor she went to Fortune Five Hundred Companies in NYC during lunch breaks and after work, where she instructed group fitness programs. She was also Director of The Aerobic Program at Bio-Fitness Institute in Midtown Manhattan. Alice appeared in US Magazine, featured as a Fitness Entrepreneur, and wrote fitness articles for McCall’s Magazine throughout the 80’s.

In the 90’s Ms. Saland moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here she wrote a weekly Fitness Column for The Albuquerque Journal North, “Ask Alice About Fitness and Fashion”. She also became a personal trainer specializing in women’s fitness. In 1999 Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After a lumpectomy and axillary node dissection she created exercises to assist women post breast surgery.

These exercises were released as a video in the year 2000.  AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical was executive producer of Alicethenics: Exercises To Increase Freedom Of Movement After Breast Surgery.  The pharmaceutical company gave, as a premium item, 20,000 videos to oncology centers, hospitals physicians and patients throughout the United States for 4 years.

In 2006 Alice relocated to Arizona where she did weekly fitness segments on local television, produced and was the voice for Alicethenics: Exercises For The Visually Impaired, did workshops, lectures and seminars on fitness for women.  In-home personal training for women evolved as a result of her media exposure.